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Addity is a research-based Math teaching method to boost learning and academic excellence among K-8 students - an INTEGRATED program with in-home lessons and online practice leads to amazing results. We help children build a solid math foundation and develop critical-thinking skills. Our highly trained and dedicated teachers work one-on-one with their students to make Math challenges fun and exciting.


Our core curriculum helps students build a strong Math foundation going above and beyond what is taught in most schools


Our teachers are trained and certifed to help every student reach their full learning potential.


Working in small groups gives students a chance to practice their higher-order thinking skills that our teachers love to teach


With Real life learning scenarios, we instill in your children a lifelong love to learn and set them up to succeed.

The Addity Method


Active Learning

We employ a structured use-based learning approach where our students do not passively receive instruction but actively participate in growing their own knowledge and understanding.

Small Groups

QED Approach

Our systematic Question-Engage-Develop approach ensures that every question is answered and the every answer is built upon through structured practice to develop higher-order thinking skills

Awesome Support

Personal Progress Tracker

We believe progress should be measurable. Each of our students has their own Personal Progress Tracker (PPT). Goals are set for the individual student early on in the term and tracked every session.


Summer Courses 2020

Grades 6-12

Introduction to AI

Grades 1-5

Critical Thinking

Grades 9-12

Data Analytics

Grades 5-7

Design Thinking

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Hear what Parents have to say about Us!

Addity has provided my children with a safe environment that has truly made learning fun and exciting.
Addity shows how Math applies to the real world and how it makes sense to learn Math.
I know how important STEM is and wanted my girls to not have a fear of Math and more importantly become Critical Thinkers.


Addity has been Recognised in the Media

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