Author: Addity

Is Summer Learning Loss Real?

Summer Learning Loss is real, not imagined, and it affects student academic performance.   Simply put, it’s the loss of academic skills and knowledge over summer vacation. It’s measured by testing students in math and reading before they leave for summer vacation, retesting them after vacation and comparing the scores. A Fall 1996 literature reviewsummarizing […]

Dog Math!

Today the kids met a lovely Golden Retriever named Nemo. “How old is Nemo?” asked one of the kids. “9 years and 4 months” I replied. “What is that in human years?” “Well, let’s calculate.” Given that different breeds age differently, we promptly went to9 and found that a 9 year old Golden Retriever […]

Music is Math.

“Metamorphosis” and “Music is Math” are two beautiful animations created by Glenn Marshall using the visual open source programming language Processing. The video is the first creation from artist Glenn Marshall and has formed the basis for a series of more advanced videos that can be seen at his blog

What is Computational Thinking?

Can you think at multiple levels of abstraction? Can you break down a complex problem into simpler ones?  Computational thinking, is often defined as a thought process that allows one to break down problems and formulate solutions systematically – much like how computers “think”. Many technology experts and educators have identified such thinking as a […]

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