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What is Computational thinking?

Can you think at multiple levels of abstraction? Can you break down a complex problem into simpler ones? Computational thinking, …

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Is summer learning loss real?

Apr 5,16by Addity

Summer Learning Loss is real, not imagined, and it affects student academic performance.   Simply put, it’s the loss of …

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Fun Math at your local Farmer’s Market

Sep 17,08by Addity

It’s summer, that beautiful time of year when fresh produce abounds. From plants and flowers to fruit and vegetables, you’ll …

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Math Minds

Sep 17,08by Addity

Free Math and Critical thinking worksheets are now available for download on our Blog. Let the summer fun begin!

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Dog Math!

Sep 17,08by Addity

oday the kids met a lovely Golden Retriever named Nemo. “How old is Nemo?” asked one of the kids. “9 …

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Music is Math

Sep 11,08by Addity

“Metamorphosis” and “Music is Math” are two beautiful animations created by Glenn Marshall using the visual open source programming language …

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